Register on the official website Atomy Canada For Domestic Residents


1. Visit the Atomy homepage at this address:
Click on ” Join Us”

3. Enter ID and Password and click on “Login”

Guest ID: 26905663
Password: atomyFR75

Choose one of the sponsors from the list below to register.

      Video - How to register

      Step by step registration

      Step 1 - 1Atomy Canada registration | Choose your status

      Step 2- Atomy Canada Registration | Terms of Agreement

      Step 3- Atomy Canada Registration | Identity Verification

      Step 4- Atomy Canada Registration | Fill in Membership Information

      Step 5- Atomy Canada Registration | Designate your Sponsor

      Enter one of the Sponsor ID number listed below and Click on the “Search” button and select the center.
      The id’s below are updated each time a new member is registered. If you want to be listed here and have referrals in your lineage, when you receive your own id after registration, send it to us via email or whatsapp so our admin can put it in the list above.

      Choose one of the sponsor id

          inscription atomy france europe

          Sponsor ID

          If you see "XXXXXX" in the left frame, it means that the place is taken, you must choose another Sponsor ID, otherwise you will be in the right branch. It is not recommended at the beginning because you will be alone.

          Step 6- Atomy Canada Registration | Application complete

          The membership process is now completed. Memorize you ID Member and your Password. We are your sponsor, send us your id so that we can put it in the list and continue to grow our group together. This is a passive sponsorship through this site. 

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