Atomy: Revolutionizing Network Marketing

  • Company Name
    Atomy Corporation
  • Founded
    1 juin 2009
  • Founder
    Han-Gill Park
  • Global Revenue
    1.73 billion USD in 2020
  • Global Members
    15 million
  • Global Employees
    About 650
  • Global Regions
    U.S, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, and India.
  • Products
    426 products including HemoHIM, Absolute CellActive Skincare, Atomy Skincare The Fame, health foods, beauty products, home goods, food, and fashion.

Absolute price, absolute quality

Atomy global network marketing company

Founded in 2009, Atomy is a network marketing company operating direct sales in several regions of the world. Atomy, is a Korean online store focused on health, beauty and personal care products.

Since its inception, the company has grown rapidly by implementing consumer-oriented network marketing that adheres to two key principles of its founder, President Han-gill PARK: Absolute quality , absolute price.

In addition, Atomy solidifies the foundations for sustainable growth by focusing on innovative thinking, shared growth based on strong principles and a corporate culture of sharing aimed at both the success of our ambitions and, above all, the satisfaction of our customers.

Masstige Philosophy.

In 2020, Atomy’s sales were $1.7 billion and by July 2020, the number of registered members reached 10 million worldwide.

The reason why it works is this: Atomy abides by the “Masstige Philosophy”. This means they make products at “Absolute Quality” and “Absolute Price.” Any and all Atomy’s products are made to be of higher quality and lower price than anything else in the market. Otherwise, it simply won’t make the product.

MASSTIGE is a word composed of MASS, meaning the public, and PRESTIGE, meaning luxury, and refers to popular luxury products.

The consumer-focused network marketing we develop is a distribution channel that competes with department and discount stores, as well as home shopping and online shopping, by carefully selecting and selling products that are beneficial to consumers.

A product that benefits consumers means a product of better quality and a more reasonable price, i.e. a product that is more competitive than any distribution in terms of quality and price. This is our guarantee at the “Absolute Price”.

Atomy’s philosophy is to provide products of absolute quality that no one can match at affordable prices.

Why is Atomy quality unbeatable?

The point is this: other companies can’t possibly Afford to make products that are as high-quality and low-price as Atomy’s. To make products that are unbeatable in  both quality and prices you need two things:

  • 1. Access to the highest level of R&D and cutting-edge technology in the world to make the best quality, and

  • 2. Ownership of all the means of production from the natural resources to the manufacturing  the distribution to be able to control the price and be able to make it as low as possible..

And that’s exactly what Atomy has. If you don’t have both of these qualities, you can’t beat Atomy’s quality nor its prices.

The reason why Atomy is able to produce such quality products at such low prices is because of how the company is formed.

Atomy is a distribution hub for Kolmar BNH, a company formed as a combination of KAERI  (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) and Kolmar Korea.he company is formed. Atomy is a distribution hub for Kolmar BNH, a company formed as a combination of KAERI  (Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute) and Kolmar Korea.

Now, KAERI is basically like the NASA of South Korea and because it is primarily a government funded research institute, it cannot do business as an entity of its own.

Therefore, they partnered with Kolmar Korea, an OEM/ODM (original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer) which has been in business for over 100 years developing cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Together, they made Kolmar BNH (Beauty and Health), a company that has world-class R&D and cutting-edge technology (including nuclear technology, radiation technology, and nanotechnology) sponsored by the South Korean government itself (so there are no research costs from the private sector), and ownership to all the means of production.

Kolmar BNH (Beauty and Health) actually provides skin care and cosmetic treatment services for Chanel, Lancome, DeBon, Laneige, Shiseido, O Hui, Clinique, Ponds, Amore-Pacific, etc.

Unbeatable in  both quality and prices: Kolmar BNH

  • Ownership of all the means of production.

  • has world-class R&D and cutting-edge technology.

  • Sponsored by the South Korean government itself.

  • There are no research costs from the private sector.

Atomy France infographie représentant les sociétés partenaires
Atomy France Atomy société mondiale de marketing de réseau

Atomy's marketing plan

Atomy’s marketing plan is simple: try out the products and share the experience. That’s it. The products are designed to speak for themselves.

You can replace Atomy’s products with anything. They are all of higher quality and of lower price than anything in the market.

The toothbrush is one example. A single toothbrush costs less than one dollar but it has gold ionic slim bristles that are very soft yet very firm made by Atomy’s nano-technology. 

You can brush your teeth like you’re scrubbing them with these and you still won’t get any injuries on your teeth. Even the handles are made of anti-bacterial material.

There are so many other products, too. Atomy’s Skin Essence costs $17 but won the Jang-Young-Shil Award in South Korea, the most prestigious cosmetics award in the country by beating other skin essence products that cost over $300. (South Korea is a small country but ranks 3rd in cosmetics sales in the world and also ranks 1st in number of cosmetic surgeries in the world).

Atomy really lives by it’s slogan: “Absolute Quality and Absolute Price.

Atomy, a "pyramid scheme" ?

Well, it can still be a “pyramid scheme” you say? Consider this:

  1. Commissions are paid at a higher percentage to the people of lower rank and continually decreases as you go up the rank.  

  2. There is a cap to how much you can make per month so that literally everyone in this system can “meet at the top.”

Why would they do this? Because the point is to make as many “small, rich people” as they can. Not just a few that are extremely wealthy.

Atomy’s marketing plan is simple: try out the products and share the experience. That’s it. The products are designed to speak for themselves.

Oh and the last tidbit I mentioned about us not being a “pyramid scheme.” Atomy has a cap on how much you can make per month in commissions. In the diagram above, you will see that the highest Mastership is the Imperial Master. 

The Imperial makes $50,000 in commissions per month. There’s a cap to how much you can make through General Commissions (accumulating PV), and Mastership Bonus.

This way, there’s plenty of money to go around to make many “small, rich people”.  That’s the point. There are a ton of people making a living off of residual income from Atomy. And there is yet to be an Imperial Master.


Earn money with Atomy MLM

By accumulating point value and receiving commissions based on the point value given each product. You work with your partners in a binary system, with only two sides: left and right. You accumulate two types of PV: Personal PV (PPV) and Group PV (GPV).

When you accumulate a certain amount of PPV, you are eligible to receive commissions and will be awarded based on the GPV, how much your downlines purchase of products. Group PV is calculated twice a month, on the 15th, and at the end of the month.

Personal PV accumulates for a lifetime. Group PV resets after each commission check.

Don’t worry, though. There is no rush. The company waits until you can acquire enough Personal PV and Group PV to get that commission check.

The point, however, is to make residual income. Income that will come into your bank account without any of your effort. When you acquire enough Group PV every two weeks, you will be eligible for Mastership.

There are 7 Masterships in Atomy, and even the lowest, the Sales Master, makes a residual income of 1500$ a month.

There are 7 Masterships in Atomy:

  1. Sales Master
  2. Diamond Master
  3. Sharon Rose Master
  4. Star Master
  5. Royal Master
  6. Crown Master
  7. Imperial Master

How long does it take ?

How long does it take to get to that level? The fastest I’ve heard was two months.

The longest I’ve heard was two years (and it was because the person was completely oblivious that there was even a business aspect in the business so she only let one “side” grow for a year and a half until she found out she can grow her “right leg” as well – it then took another 6 months to reach Sales Master). 
But generally speaking, it takes 3 to 9 months if you consistently use the products and share the experience with those around you. This applies even if you have a full-time 9 to 5 job. 
You still have to use toothbrush, toothpaste, detergent, take supplements for your health even if you have to work, right?

Is it necessary to be a good salesman?

The products speak for themselves. You don’t even have to worry about giving as much information about the products or the technology.
Earning a passive income from your own consumption and recommendations is easy, isn’t it?

You are a consumer. You do your shopping at the market or on the internet. You can start by changing your shopping habits: change markets.

Shop at, a global shopping mall, and collect points. Try our products, if you are not satisfied you get a full refund even if the product is already used.

And if you are satisfied with the product, share your shopping experiences with others, make recommendations.
That’s what we all do effortlessly. Recommend a movie, a good restaurant, a good product. Then make recommendations of Atomy products you’ve used and generate passive income with our compensation plan.

Atomy global network marketing company offers you an opportunity for success, join us.

Joining Atmomy is completely FREE

  • No registration fee

  • No monthly fee 

  • No annual fee

  • No website usage fee

  • Do Not have to purchase products to register

  • Do Not have to purchase products every month

  • No automatic reordering.

  • No auto-ship – consumers are always in control

  • Do Not have minimum order quantities

  • The member ID number  is valid  across the world.


Atomy provides absolute quality products at the best prices through the MASSTIGE STRATEGY, considered the secret of Atomy’s success.


To be the #1 global provider of everyday necessary consumer goods with fully satisfied consumers.
To have the largest number of high-income member agents in the world.


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