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Share your customer experience and earn passive income with Atomy

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I only want to use Atomy products.

Atomy products are the products you need on a daily basis. If you don’t buy them from Atomy, you will buy them elsewhere in any case.

And why would you buy them elsewhere if we bring you better quality products at a more affordable price? In addition, we offer you the opportunity to earn money thanks to our compensation plan.

To buy Atomy products, you must be a member and to be a member you must be sponsored by a sponsor. You then benefit from the reduced price reserved for members. All the beauty products you know are made by Kolmar, an Atomy joint venture. You can replace them directly with Atomy products.

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I am satisfied, I am talking about it around me.

Congratulations! You have taken the first step by using one of our products. Now you can assess if the product is good, if the price is affordable. Yes you can. You have become an expert consumer. If you think the products are of high quality and that they are cheaper than the competition, then all you have to do is tell other people about it.

The essence of this business is consumption. Test, consume, share your customer experience and convince others to follow you.

To recommend is already to participate in our loyalty and affiliation program: Our compensation plan.

I want to take the opportunity and become a distributor.

Now that you have become an expert consumer of our products, you want to earn money by purchasing Atomy products.

All you have to do is convince households to buy things they need on the Atomy platform. You thus form a group of satisfied and loyal consumers. At Atomy, when you buy products, you earn PV points that you can accumulate and keep them for life (each product has a point value = PV). These are personal points. But your points are also distributed to group members (group PV). Thus thanks to the expenses of the members of your group, you accumulate points and earn commissions more quickly.

You don’t have to do anything other than shop at the Atomy Market and let time generate passive income. You don’t need to sell to be successful at Atomy, just follow our Marketing Plan and Atomy Compensation Plan.

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How to earn money with Atomy compensation plan and accumulate PV?

Atomy marketing plan is based on consumption and not on the sale of products. You buy only what you really need: Your own consumption generates long-term passive income. The trick is therefore to do your usual purchases on the Atomy platform.

At Atomy, each product sold has a point value, also called VP. For example, a liquid detergent costs $ 9.00 and is worth 3100 PV.


So every time you buy a product from Atomy, you accumulate PV points.

Members also collect points values ​​(PV) with each purchase, which can be used to receive a refund from the company.

To qualify for commissions, all you need to do is accumulate 10,000 personal PV, or about $ 30 in products.

Your Atomy ID is worldwide! Atomy is expanding in 46 countries from 2021. You can recommend anyone in any of the open countries and place them in your consumer group.

When you buy Atomy products, you collect personal VPs which are never reset! When your members buy Atomy products, you collect group VPs in the right and left consumer groups. Buying ALL of your members determines your commission. Levels are unlimited, regardless of nationality.

PV points collected by each member of the group are awarded to other members of the same group, Group PV (PVG). To receive your commissions, you have to accumulate personal VPs and group VPs from left and right.

how do you make money with this Atomy compensation plan?

Explanation: What is the Atomy compensation plan

Client: become a member to receive reduced prices approximately 20 to 30% cheaper than the public price.

Distributor: To make money with Atomy Compensation Plan, you don’t need to sell products. You just need to build a community of loyal buyers.

Marketing plan: By adhering to our marketing plan, we will jointly develop a compensation plan based on:

  • The general commission (44%)
  • A Mastership bonus (20%)
  • Bonus and gifts
  • Opening of a training center (6%)

35% of turnover is reserved to remunerate active members.

In 2020, Aomy achieved a turnover of 1.73 billion dollars, or 605 million dollars reserved for the compensation plan. This corresponds to 100% of the PV.

  • 70% of PV for members.
  • 30% for administration and development: Kolmar and Kaeri.
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1. Atomy compensation plan - General Commission: 44%

A general commission of 44% of the total PV will be distributed among the qualified members according to the scales. Members must first accumulate at least 10,000 Personal VP in order to accumulate Left and Right Group VP. The general commission is calculated daily.

Atomy compensation plan – Slides.

PV Perso: 10K

When each group accumulates 300K PV, you earn a commission of around $ 20, calculated daily.

PV Perso: 300K 

The left and right groups accumulate 300K PV, so you get a commission of around $ 60.

PV Perso: 700K

Now you have 700K PV, the left and right group hit 300K PV, you still get $ 60. But if one day the left and right group reach 700K PV, then you get a commission of $ 120, calculated daily.

PV Perso: 1.5M

If Group PV: 300K, you are awarded a commission of $ 60, if Group PV: 700K, a commission of $ 120 is reserved for you, and when groups accumulate 1.5M PV each, you receive $ 260.

PV Perso: 2.4M

Personal VPs are limited to 2.4 million and group VPs stop at 50 million. Commissions can go up to $ 1200 per day depending on the schedules. See the slides above – plan of

2. Atomy compensation plan - Atomy Mastership bonus: 20%

Imperial Master
Crown Master
Royal Master
Star Master
Sharon Rose M.
Diamond Master

Sales Master





20% of the total PV of sales will be distributed according to mastership. The mastership bonus will be paid every 7 days after the point accumulation period. In the month you must achieve your goal either from the 1st to the 15th, or from the 16th to the end of the month.

There are 7 mastership levels. As you can see from the table, the 1st level Sales Master benefits from 50% share of the total bonus and the other half is to be shared between the other six masteries.

Unlike other network or pyramid marketing systems, the Atomy system compensation plan pays commissions at a higher percentage to lower rank members and continually decreases as one ranks higher.

3. Atomy compensation plan - Incentive gifts and mastership bonus

In addition to the general commissions calculated daily, the compensation plan allows you to earn additional product bundles each time you rank higher.



Sales Master

. HemoHIM ,
. Atomy Skin Care 6 
. Atomy Evening Care 

Diamond Master

. Laptop,
. HemoHIM ,
. Atomy Skin Care 6 ,
. Atomy Evening Care .

Sharon rose master

* $ 2,000 in cash,
. 2 travel tickets.

Star Master

* $ 10,000 in cash,
. 4 travel tickets.

Royal Master

* $ 50,000 in cash,
* CB with $ 2000 per month
. Car rental,
. 4 travel tickets.

Crown Master

* $ 300,000 in cash,
* CB with $ 5,000 per month,
. a luxury car,
. 4 travel tickets.

Imperial Master

* $ 1 million,
* CB with $ 10,000 per month,
. a luxury car,
. an office of approx. 1700 m2 with a personal assistant,
. a driver,
. 4 travel tickets.

Compensation plan – Slides

4.Atomy compensation plan - Opening of a training center: 6%

If you have reached the level of Sales Master, you can request the opening of a training center. It is a center managed by a qualified manager for the purpose of education and recruitment of new members. The center director receives 6% PV of affiliate member sales to cover operational expenses. The center manager must operate the training center in accordance with the regulations established by the company.

5. Monthly Income: Bonus + Commission


Income 2017


± $ 50 000
±$ 40 000
± $ 30 000
± $ 20 000
± $ 10 000
± $ 4 000
± $ 2 000

Position ourselves on the front line and take advantage of this great global opportunity.

Contact us by WhatsApp for more information.

To make money with Atomy Compensation Plan, you just need to build a community of loyal buyers. Use, like and share.

No, Atomy doesn’t require you to buy a stock of products to resell. The compensation plan is focused only on household consumption. It’s a voluntary purchase according to your needs.

Yes, of course. Because of my experience, I will be a good sponsor and guide you to success. This website is a very good support. I will offer you an Ebook, training videos and put you in contact with leaders in each country.

Yes, we can. You fill out the registration form on our Atomystyle website, and we will register you.

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