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I started forming my team in Nigeria with leaders from other countries including Europe. Stay in Nigeria and do business with the world through Atomy – Atomy Global Registration.

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    Join our team

    I can help you register and become a member of my team if you do not have a sponsor. Please fill out the form.

    Phone: (234) 8036765350
    Email: eenwodo@gmail.com

    If you want to register yourself, follow the guide below.

    The member’s name and date of birth must be the same as those on the identification document. Otherwise, upgrading to professional membership will not be permitted at the official branch opening.

    During the launch phase, you are registered as “consumer members“, you do not accumulate group PV or commission. Upon the official opening of the Atomy branch in your country, consumer members who comply with the required procedures will be approved as professional members.

    Atomy Global Membership

    Eligible regions to the Atomy Global Membership Registration in 2022

    Anyone over the age of 20 can register on Atomy Global.

    Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Israel, Macau, Moldova, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UAE, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

    Here are the different steps of the registration process:

    • Connect to the site Global Atomy Registration
    • Step 1: Membership Guide
    • Step 2: Terms of Agreement
    • Step 3: Verification
    • Step 4: Information
    • Step 5: Sponsor
    • Step 6: Complete registration

    Before proceeding to the registration, it is necessary to know the Sponsor ID, i.e. the ID of the last registered member of the branch.

    Sponsor information is required to Atomy sign up.
    Do you have a sponsor?

    * If you don’t have a sponsor ID, we show you how to find one. If you live in Nigeria you can contact  Evelyn NWODO.

    Atomy Global Membership Registration: The steps of the registration process

    Step 1: Membership guide

    Please agree to the terms and conditions for membership signing up.

    Step 2: Terms of Agreement | Atomy Global Registration

    Please agree to the terms and conditions for membership signing up.

    Step 3: Verification |

    Atomy Global Registration

    Please proceed verification for signing up.

    Please enter the same name with your passport or ID card.

    • Name(English)
    • Birth date
    • Mobile verification
    • Identity document information

    Step 4: Information | Atomy Global Registration

    Please enter your information to sign up.

    • Nationality
    • Name(English)
    • Name(Local) – It can be the same or different from the Name in english.
    • Gender
    • Password
    • Guest Password
    • Email address
    • Spouse Information. Please note that if you are married, you cannot register two separate accounts, you have to register the same account. You will then have one login for both of you. That’s why you are asked if you want to register your spouse when you register.

    Step 5: Sponsor | Atomy Global Registration

    Sponsor information must be entered to sign up Atomy and choose the same center as the sponsor (you can change it later).

    Step 6: Complete Atomy Global Registration

    Atomy membership registration is completed.

    Sponsor ID search: Global Atomy Registration

    Use the username and password below to login to atomy.uk

    ID: 32252506
    Password: atomy@FR75

    Click on the Lineage icon on the right of the page.

    lineage Icone.JPG - atomystyle

    Click on the search button on the new page.

    A new window opens to show you the list of your lineage members.  Scroll to the bottom and note the ID number of the last member.

    This is the ID we will use as our sponsor ID to register further. Write it down somewhere.

    Don’t take into account the Sponsors on this picture, it’s only an example. The search procedure is the same, find the last ID.

    Now you have the Sponsor ID, click on this button to register.

    lastID atomy registration

    This video explain how to find a sponsor ID

    Please note this number ID and continue to register | Atomy Global Registration.

    After your registration, if you wish, we can send you pdf documents that explain the Atomy concept.

    As written at the beginning of the article, several countries are being launched, we are looking to train new leaders in each country. We are a motivated team, we have members in several regions and we continue to develop our network because at Atomy we can’t succeed alone, we have to work together and help each other.  

    Join us and weave our network around the world. This is a huge opportunity, be the pioneer in your country. The market will be yours.


    Global Membership - Who is the next?

    We are looking for leaders all over the world to develop the Atomy market. If you are serious and motivated, join us, we will train you. We have the best working tools (web sites, pdf, slides…), we are surrounded by experts. Be the pioneer in your country. Join The Global Atomy Movement!

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    Evelyn NWODO
    DUK Yeon Moon

    Royal Master

    star master
    LAY Amrong

    Star Master

    leader atomy France
    NAY Phodeth

    Leader Atomy France

    atomy global registration
    atomy global registration
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