Atomy Registration: Europe - Global membership

As you know, Atomy is primarily a Korean e-commerce platform. You can order products by opening a customer account and benefit from advantageous rates reserved for members. The difference with other platforms is that to register you must be referenced by a sponsor. You then have the “Consumer” status.

atomy register atomy inscription

B- open a business account to earn money

Not only is Atomy an E-Commerce site, but it also offers a network marketing plan allowing consumers to become distributors. Here, your objective is to consume and earn Money by accumulating PV (Value Points). I advise you to open a customer account first and then switch to a pro account. If you are sure you want to do business with Atomy, then you can register as a Distributor afterwards.

C- What are the benefits of having an account with Atomy?

You benefit from many advantages by being a customer/member of Atomy, namely:

  • Reduced prices for members only,
  • High quality products accessible to all,
  • Money back or exchange guarantee within 3 months of purchase,
  • You earn Value Points (VPs) through member purchases that will be converted into commissions if you participate in Atomy’s marketing plan,
  • Your ID number is valid in all branches,
  • Pass on your account to 3 generations,
  • Build your own career plan and generate passive income that can be passed on to 3 generations. 

D- What is the difference between a "Consumer" account and a "Distributor" account?

The “Consumer” status is a simple customer account that allows you to shop online, but you do not earn Points Value (PV) from your group members, and you will not earn commissions.

While with the “Distributor” status, you can earn PVs when your group members make purchases. Your goal is to create a community of loyal users of Atomy’s products and to earn money for the members. Atomy’s MLM is based on household consumption and not on sales.

Atomy registration, How to register online?

Atomy registration: 100% free.

Before you start your registration, have your Sponsor ID ready and follow the step-by-step or video instructions.

We offer you an automatic referral system all over the world through our website. Don’t forget to send us your ID once you have registered.

You can choose a Sponsor ID from the list or follow the instructions in the video

      Registration on the Atomy website is free. I propose you several ways to open an account with Atomy:

      • Registration on the official Atomy UK website, if you know your Sponsor’s ID number. You can also choose the IDs we offer you.
      • Registration via the Atomystyle form below. In this case the site administrator is your sponsor.

      You must be over 18 years old to register with Atomy France-Europe and you must purchase at least one product within a year to keep your membership active. Registration can be done anywhere in the world and is not limited to France.

      Atomy members receive a permanent discount and can be compensated through its compensation plan.

      Atomy Registration - Europe: Eligible countries


      A- Explanation video - How to get your sponsor ID

      Go to
      Log in with ID: 31501610 and password: atomy@FR75
      Click on the MY OFFICE button, Lineage and Search button. Scroll down and note the last Sponsor ID (otherwise choose a sponsor ID from the list)

      B. Explanation video - How to register as a new member at Atomy UK and Europe

      Now that you have your sponsor ID, you can sign up yourself. Watch the following video.

      Step-by-Step Registration Guide - Text Version

      I. Atomy registration: Register yourself on the website

      To become a member of Atomy, you must register on the Atomy website and accept the company’s terms and conditions, then fill in the registration form. I present you here the different steps:

      • European members register on the Atomy UK site:,
      • Choose your status “Consumer”,
      • Accept all the conditions,
      • Fill in the registration form,
      • Check your confirmation e-mail,
      • Enter your Sponsor ID number.

      The registration steps are shown in the screenshots below.

      STEP 1:

      Atomy United Kingdom

      Visit the Atomy UK homepage. Click on the address below.

      Click on “JOIN US“.

      Atomy Europe registration

      s'inscrire et devenir membre d'atomy

      ETAPE 2:

      Un identifiant et un mot de passe Atomy sont requis.

      Utilisez cet ID: 28580656 (Aurélie T.)
      Mot de passe invité: atomyFR75

      Ce compte Invité ne vous permet que de vous enregistrer en suivant les étapes listées ci-dessous.


      Atomy Registration

      uk2 - atomystyle

      STEP 3:

      For Europeans, choose the left button “CONSUMER“. 

      If you are UK residents, you can choose ” DISTRIBUTOR“. 

      Later on, you can apply for “Distributor” status when Atomy is established in your country.

      register atomy consummer 1 - atomystyle

      STEP 4:

      Check “Agree to all” in the terms and conditions. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page after reading and agreeing.

      Atomy Registration

      inscription atomy france europe

      STEP 5:

      Fill in all fields with an asterisk.

      *Location of residence: choose your place of residence.

      *To confirm your e-mail, see below.

      *Choose citizenship: select your nationality.

      Atomy Registration

      uk5b - atomystyle

      STEP 6:

      After filling out your email.

      Click the button “Send verification email” to send a confirmation email.

      Click “OK” on the “verification email has been sent” dialog box.

      uk6a - atomystyle

      STEP 7:

      Then go to your email box (or spam) and click on “Confirm“.

      Atomy Registration

      inscription atomy france europe

      STEP 8:

      You have confirmed your e-mail, 

      Click “OK” on the “It has been processed successfully” dialog box.

      And click on “Verification complete“. Your e-mail is verified.

      uk6c0 - atomystyle

      STEP 9:

      Your e-mail is verified and the e-mail fields turn grey.

      uk6d - atomystyle

      STEP 10:

      After filling out all the fields in step 5, click “Next“, we will arrive at this page.

      Sponsor information is required to register.

      Choose a Sponsor ID  and click “Search”.

      uk7aa - atomystyle

      How to find your Sponsor ID

      Choose a Sponsor ID

          STEP 11:

          Check the name of the sponsor if you know it.

          Click on “Next“.

          uk7b - atomystyle

          STEP 12:

          You will see in the top box the Name and ID of the sponsor you have chosen.

          Two boxes below that represent the Left Group and the Right Group.

          Here the boxes are empty. You will automatically be listed under their left leg.

          uk7c - atomystyle

          STEP 13:

          If there are “XXXXXX” in the left leg, return to step 11 and choose another Sponsor ID from the list.

          Otherwise you will be listed on its right leg since there is already one listed in the left leg.

          I advise you to register on the left leg so that you are not alone in developing your line.

          uk7d - atomystyle

          STEP 14:

          Congratulations! You are an Atomy member. Shop on the Atomy platform and recruit new members.

          You are now a member of Atomy Europe.

          uk8 - atomystyle
          atomystyle team

          Send us your ID to be included in the list

          Once you have registered, send us your ID number so we can add it to the list. This way, if a new registrant chooses your ID, you become their sponsor. Through this process, the IDs on this list will become the sponsor of the new member. It is an effortless sponsorship. Our team will grow worldwide through our highly ranked site.

          We can also help you pre-register by filling out the registration form below. You will receive your ID within 48 hours. 

          II. Atomy Registration : AtomyStyle form

          AtomyStyle can also help you pre-register. Just fill out the form below and wait 24 hours to validate your registration. By registering via this form, we will be your sponsor. 

          Your e-mail and your ID are mandatory to validate your pre-registration. If you do not wish to leave your ID, return to method I.


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