What is Atomy?

Atomy, a South Korea-based online direct-selling company, has rapidly become one of the leading network marketing companies in the world, ranking 10th globally. Established by Han Gill PARK in June 2009, Atomy initially focused on cosmetics and beauty products before expanding its product range to other essential goods and merchandise. Today, the company aims to become the top online supplier worldwide, collaborating with renowned historical, strategic, and technological businesses. Atomy is committed to transforming the future of commerce by integrating artificial intelligence and augmented reality into its platform. As of 2022, Atomy boasts over 16 million members across the globe, with dedicated websites in various countries and 26 distribution centers apart from its original South Korean site.

With plans to launch in the UK in 2022 and Germany in April 2023, Atomy continues its expansion in Europe, intending to become a leader in the vast European market. The German distribution center will cater to the entire European region, taking Atomy’s mission to become the world’s leading supplier of basic necessities to new heights.

How does Atomy work?

Atomy is a direct-selling company that distributes its products, which are manufactured by Kolmar BNH, a joint venture between the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Kolmar Korea Cosmetics Company. The first research company approved by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Atomy’s motto is “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price.” Its “Global Sources, Global Sales” distribution strategy has helped it evolve as an online shopping and trading platform.

Each Atomy product comes with Point Value (PV), which accumulates with each purchase and is used to calculate commissions. Atomy is known for providing quality products at the best prices, making it the largest cosmetics company in South Korea by sales volume.

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Consuming and Generating Passive Income




Atomy UK returns 70% of its profits

Atomy  Business Model: Buy, Recommend and Generate comfortable passive income without constraints or budget thanks to the purchasing power of the members.

100% Free Registration - Consumer | Distributor


The business plan : MLM + E-commerce

atomy E-commerce

Atomy UK Atomy EU: Ecommerce

Atomy is an online sales platform that focuses on offering affordable and high-quality products based on the MASSTIGE philosophy: MASS + PresTIGE. Unlike other e-commerce websites, Atomy manages its own brand and ensures the quality of its products, from design to distribution. Atomy’s primary goal is to satisfy and retain its customers forever, continuously seeking ways to reduce production costs while improving product quality. It has partnered with two main partners, KAERI and KOLMAR, which have over 50 and 100 years of experience and expertise, respectively.

Atomy UK Atomy EU revolutionizes the MLM

Atomy is not just an online buying and selling platform; it is also an innovative form of MLM that prioritizes community consumption over sales. By joining Atomy, it is possible to establish a professional career in the industry and create a network of individuals. As a distributor, the company’s customer group automatically becomes yours. Atomy’s business model is stress-free, as it requires no sales tactics.

Unlike other MLM companies, Atomy’s compensation is based on household consumption rather than sales. Atomy does not require legal status or a Siret number, making it accessible to a wider audience. By offering high-quality products under its own brand and controlling the quality from design to distribution, Atomy stands out in the market. With a 3-month guarantee offered by the online merchant, customers can purchase Atomy products with peace of mind.

atomy mlm

Atomy distinguishes itself by offering high quality basic products under its own brand. It controls quality from design to distribution. The online merchant offers a 3-month warranty.  Another difference is its network marketing plan whose business model is based on household consumption and not on sales.

R&D: Atomy's historical partners

Atomy France -marques
Kolmar a lancé de nombreuses marques


Kolmar Korea has a century of technological expertise and research and development. It has successfully introduced numerous brands both nationally and internationally. Kolmar Korea achieved this feat by capitalizing on the synergy between cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other fields to promote brand growth. Kolmar is globally recognized as a leading manufacturer of premium pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, supplying several major companies worldwide. Furthermore, Kolmar Co, Ltd. is the first company to pioneer global research into nanotechnology.

KAERI, nuclear research center

Established in 1959, KAERI is a South Korean research institute dedicated to atomic energy research. The institute’s primary goal is to study the various applications of atomic energy. One of its major achievements is the development of the world’s first radioactive pharmaceutical product, Milican injection, for liver cancer treatment. Although KAERI is a government-funded organization and cannot operate as a separate entity, it is often considered South Korea’s NASA. To overcome this challenge, KAERI partnered with Kolmar Korea, a company with over a century of experience in developing cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Atomy France
KAERI, nuclear research center


KAERI and Kolmar Korea jointly launched a company called KOLMAR bnh, which is backed by the South Korean government and boasts exceptional R&D and cutting-edge technology, including nuclear, radiation, and nanotechnology fields. As the company is government-sponsored, there are no expenses for research in the private sector. Additionally, KOLMAR bnh holds patents throughout its production process, which explains why Atomy’s motto is “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price.”


Technological and Strategic Partners to Develop Future AI-Based E-commerce


The company has entered into a strategic technological partnership with MOFAC, a global company specializing in visual effects (VFX) and boasting the best technology composed of teams that have participated in films such as Avatar, Interstella, and Frozen, to prepare for a new future in the era of contactless commerce.


Alibaba CLOUD

Atomy has signed a cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud CDN. Atomy Mall 2.0 and Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. are jointly creating the world’s first cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology. This will provide secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities for Mall 2.0.

alibaba-cloud atomy

Atomy AZA Mall

AZA Mall is an alternative to e-commerce giants like Amazon and Shopify. The platform allows suppliers to market their product catalogs, while Atomy members can become franchisees of multiple brands simultaneously. Logistics, payment systems, and returns are managed by the platform. Although currently limited to Korea, AZA Mall will soon be accessible to Atomy members worldwide.

atomy aza mall

Atomy's ultimate goal: Consumer satisfaction

Atomy France distribution-hub

The company distributes products manufactured by Kolmar BNH, a joint venture between the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Kolmar Korea Cosmetics Company. This translates to high-tech and high-quality products that benefit consumers and users. Despite the quality, product prices are affordable.


By adhering to two essential principles, absolute quality and the best price, the company has experienced rapid growth. It adopts a customer-centric network marketing approach and selects premium products at reasonable prices.

The company’s ultimate goal through this strategy is to surpass customer satisfaction and succeed.

Atomy UK - Atomy EU: Opportunity and career plan

The company also offers an opportunity and career plan according to the consumer’s goals.

consommateur - atomystyle

Your goal: Consumer?

If you simply want to use luxury, high-quality products at reasonable prices, register as a “Consumer” to enjoy the many benefits the brand offers. Atomy is the only company to offer a 3-month guarantee on its products. In addition, the company will launch the “TRYonIT” app, which offers a home try-on experience based on augmented reality.

Your Goal: Earning Money?

If you have used Atomy products and are impressed by their quality, you can choose to become a distributor by requesting to change your consumer status. Distributors not only continue to use the products but also have the opportunity to earn commissions on household consumption by recommending products to others. This is a simple process, similar to how you recommend restaurants, movies, or products to friends or leave reviews on platforms like Tripadvisor and Yelp. However, unlike these platforms that earn billions from your work, Atomy generously rewards you.

business atomy

Application and virtual reality: XR-AR-MR

The company has developed an app called “TryonIt” that allows customers to try on clothing at home and make informed purchasing decisions. The company recognizes the concentration of wealth among platform owners and the precarious situation faced by the rest of the population, known as “Uberization.” To address this issue, the company is developing a personal platform called APP (Atomy Personal Platform), which allows individuals to manage their own store, similar to Shopify.

Atomy is revolutionizing the E-commerce of the future

The company has entered into a strategic technological partnership with MOFAC, a global company specializing in visual effects (VFX) and boasting the best technology composed of teams that have participated in Hollywood films such as Avatar, Interstella, and Frozen, to prepare for a new future in the “UN-TACT (contactless)” era. Atomy plans to combine XR (extended reality) like VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality).

No Longer Be the Product of Platforms

Create your own platform with Atomy

Recommendation Platforms

Recommendation platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and La Fourchette rely solely on user reviews to exist. Although you provide them with valuable content, you receive no compensation for your efforts.

However, with Atomy, you can earn money by doing the same things you do in your daily life: consume, test, recommend products, and give your opinions on the products you use.

Atomy rewards you generously, with 35% of worldwide sales going to member compensation.

Entrepreneurship and selling on marketplaces

Many of us dream of becoming entrepreneurs using online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or Shopify. If you have already tried, you probably know that these platforms require various payments, including subscription fees, sales commissions, payment service fees from companies like Stripe and Paypal, and advertising fees from Google and Facebook. As a result, those who are already wealthy continue to benefit, but you do not.

Atomy enables its members to act as distributors. With 26 global distribution centers, it can serve over 50 countries worldwide.

Dropshipping and influencers

The answer seems simple and accessible to all. Selling items you do not own and do not know is the scenario. To thrive, it requires time investment, digital marketing expertise, like creating a YouTube channel or running a blog, and sales knowledge. Having an attractive physical appearance is a significant advantage. However, this eliminates many people, including myself.

At Atomy, you only promote products you have personally used and are satisfied with.

"Our message is clear: try only the products you need and only if you are really satisfied, recommend them to other consumers".
Atomy France photo du président Park-han-gil
PARK Han Gill

Join Atomy and Become a Leader

Atomy offers a turnkey kit:

The company takes care of everything: Delivery, Billing, Collection, Payment, Claims Management, and Training.

  • Global platform translated into many languages,
  • 26 distribution centers worldwide,
  • Delivery and payment system managed by the company,
  • Return system, 3-month guarantee,
  • Free training and seminars.

There is no need to have VDI status or be a self-employed entrepreneur.

Become an Exclusive Global Distributor

What are the benefits of joining Atomy UK - Atomy Europe?

By shopping online from anywhere in the world, you have the advantage of buying quality products at a competitive price. The company will soon provide access to a catalog of over ten thousand products. The most remarkable aspect of this company is that it offers a generous compensation plan by allocating 35% of its revenue to member distributors, equivalent to 70% of its profits.

If you create a customer account with the “Consumer” status, you can save money by purchasing quality products at an affordable price while benefiting from a 3-month money-back guarantee or exchange policy.

Your customer number is recognized worldwide and can be used to shop in more than  50 countries.

It can be passed down to your heirs for three generations, making it your business. You can switch from “Consumer” to “Distributor” status to earn PV (Point Value), which is tracked by your customer number.

70% of profits are shared among distributors in the form of commissions, and 30% goes to the company.

Atomy UK - Atomy EU

As a consumer

As an MLM partner

Be the Pioneer in Europe

If you want to learn more about Atomy, feel free to contact me. I can provide the necessary advice and assistance to help you succeed with Atomy. Don't wait and start your journey to success with Atomy now.

How to make money with Atomy UK?

Atomy UK- Atomy EU
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