What is Atomy UK?

Atomy is a South Korea-based direct selling online business founded by Han Gill PARK in June 2009. It is one of the giants of network marketing companies and is ranked 10th in the world.
Atomy’s initial business was in distance selling of cosmetics and beauty products, before the company diversified into the sale of necessities and then merchandise.

Today, Atomy is preparing to become the leading online supplier and to achieve this, it is partnering with world-class historical, strategic and technological companies. Atomy will revolutionize the commerce of the future with a focus on artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

In 2022, the company has more than 16 million members worldwide and has established, in addition to the original Korean site opened in 2009, specific sites in many countries: 24 distribution centers in 2022.  As for revenue, it is worth nearly $2 billion in global sales.

It continues to expand at a rapid pace by launching pre-marketing in 46 new countries at the same time. Atomy Uk is a subsidiary of Atomy opened in 2021.

How does Atomy UK work?

ATOMY directly distributes its products which are manufactured by Kolmar BNH, a joint venture of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Kolmar Korea cosmetics company – the first research enterprise approved by the Korean Ministry of education, science and technology. Its business motto is “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price”. Its “Global Sources, Global Sales” distribution strategy is key to Atomy’s evolution as an online shopping and shopping platform. Each product has value points (PV). These PVs accumulated with each purchase are used to calculate commissions.

Atomy has become the largest cosmetics company by revenue in South Korea, and it is well known for its accessible ingredients and quality at the best price. The company provides products that meet “absolute quality, absolute prices” all over the world. It distributes high quality products manufactured by Kolmar BnH: cosmetics, food, food supplement, cleaning products and small household equipment. It’s a company that grows with its members and generously shares: Earn Passive Income from your purchases of essentials. The company practices direct selling and offers consumers the opportunity to become distributors through its network marketing plan. It ranks 10th among global direct selling companies in 2022. Its success has come from its simple philosophy of providing a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices, creating a loyal customer base that cannot find these products from quality at better prices anywhere else.

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Consuming and Generating Passive Income




Atomy UK returns 70% of its profits

Atomy UK  Business Model: Buy, Recommend and Generate comfortable passive income without constraints or budget thanks to the purchasing power of the members.

100% Free Registration - Consumer | Distributor


The business plan : MLM + E-commerce

atomy E-commerce

Atomy UK: E-commerce

Atomy is an online sales platform committed to providing high quality products at affordable prices through the MASSTIGE Philosophy: MASSe +PresTIGE. Unlike other e-commerce sites, Atomy distributes its own brand and controls quality from design to distribution. These customers are satisfied and convinced members.

The company’s main objective is to satisfy customers in order to keep them loyal for life. To achieve this, it looks for ways to reduce production costs by continuously improving product quality with two key partners: KAERI and KOLMAR who have more than 50 years of expertise and know-how for the former and more than 100 years for the latter.

Atomy UK revolutionizes the MLM

Atomy is more than just an e-commerce site. It is also a new type of network marketing business (MLM) based on community consumption and not on sales. You have the opportunity to start a career in the business and build a network of people. 

Satisfied customers now have the opportunity to build a career with the company through its network marketing plan. When you decide to become a distributor, your group company members automatically become your customers. 

It is really simple to do business with Atomy because it does not force you to sell.

atomy mlm

Atomy distinguishes itself by offering high quality basic products under its own brand. It controls quality from design to distribution. The online merchant offers a 3-month warranty.  Another difference is its network marketing plan whose business model is based on household consumption and not on sales.

R&D: Atomy's historical partners

Atomy France -marques
Kolmar a lancé de nombreuses marques


With 100 years of technology and R&D know-how, Kolmar Korea has launched many brands in Korea and abroad. By utilizing convergence technologies between cosmetics, drugs and other fields, Kolmar Korea has enabled brands to flourish.

Kolmar is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end pharmaceutical, cosmetic products worldwide. The first Kolmar founded in 1921 under the name of Kolmar USA, manufactures these products for major companies around the world. 

Apart from that, Kolmar Co, Ltd. is also the first company to develop nanotechnology research in the world.

KAERI, nuclear research center

KAERI is a Korean research institute for atomic energy in South Korea. It was established in 1959. KAERI’s mission is to study a wide range of uses of atomic energy. For example, KAERI developed the world’s first radioactive pharmaceutical, “Milican injection” to treat liver cancer.

Now, KAERI is considered the NASA of South Korea and is funded by the government. Therefore, the company cannot do business as its own entity.

And that’s why it partnered with Kolmar Korea, which has been in business for over 100 years and specializes in the development of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Atomy France
KAERI, nuclear research center


Together, Kaeri and Kolmar Korea established KOLMAR BnH, a company that has world-class R&D and cutting-edge technology (including nuclear, radiation and nanotechnology) sponsored by the South Korean government itself (so there are no private-sector research costs), and owns patents at all levels of its production chain, hence Atomy’s slogan: “Absolute Quality, Absolute Price“.


Technological and strategic partners to develop the e-Commerce of the future based on artificial intelligence


The company has entered into a strategic technology partnership with MOFAC, a global visual effects (VFX) company with best-in-class technology comprised of teams that have worked on films such as Avatar, Interstella and Frozen, to prepare for a new future of the UN-TACT era of commerce. 


Alibaba CLOUD

Atomy signed a cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud CDN. Atomy Mall 2.0 and Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. jointly create the world’s first cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology. This will provide secure and reliable computing and data processing capabilities for Mall 2.0.

alibaba-cloud atomy

Atomy AZA Mall

AZA Mall is an alternative to Amazon and Shopify. Suppliers have the opportunity to offer their product catalogs on the platform and Atomy members can become franchisees of thousands of brands at the same time. The platform manages the logistics, the payment system and the returns.

atomy aza mall

Atomy's ultimate goal: Consumer satisfaction

Atomy France distribution-hub

The company distributes products manufactured by Kolmar BnH, a joint venture between Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and the cosmetics company Kolmar Korea.

This results in high-tech, high-quality products that benefit consumers and users. Despite the quality, the prices of the products are affordable.


It is growing at a rapid pace by implementing a consumer-oriented strategy that adheres to two key principles: absolute quality and best price.

The company uses a consumer-oriented network marketing strategy by selecting high-quality products at more reasonable prices. These products can compete with department stores, discount stores, home shopping networks and online shopping.

In other words, it distributes products that are more competitive in terms of quality and price than similar products distributed through other channels, to the benefit of our customers.

Through this strategy, the company wants to achieve the ultimate goal: “Surpassing customer satisfaction to succeed.”

Atomy UK: Opportunity and career plan

The company also offers an opportunity and career path based on the consumer’s goals.

consommateur - atomystyle

Your goal: Consumer?

Here your goal is simply to use good luxury products at affordable prices. Atomy’s main objective is to satisfy these customers. It is the only E-commerce platform that distributes its own brands, and controls the quality from design to distribution. It is the only company that offers a 3-month warranty on these products, even if the product is already used.

Soon you will be able to buy through its application “TRYonIT“, a home fitting using augmented reality technology (XR).

Your goal: Make money?

You have used Atomy products, you are convinced and you want to do business with the company, then you just have to ask to change your status from consumer to distributor.  

What is the distributor status? It is the consumer status with the opportunity to earn commissions from household consumption. You recommend Atomy products that you have used and are satisfied with. It’s simple, isn’t it? Remember how many times you have recommended restaurants, movies, products, etc… to your friends; or you leave your review on recommendation sites like Tripadvisor, Yelp… What do you gain? Not much, but these platforms earn billions thanks to your work. Atomy makes money from the people who are convinced to give reviews.

In addition to being a distributor of Atomy products, you have the opportunity to become a franchisee of thousands of brands at the same time.

business atomy

Application and virtual reality: XR-AR-MR

To help consumers make the right choice, the company has created an app “TryonIt“, a home fitting.

The company is aware that the world’s wealth is monopolized by platform owners and the rest of the world’s population lives in precariousness (Ubérisation).  To circumvent this problem, the company is working on the implementation of an application: APP (Atomy Personal Platform), a personal platform, YOUR PLATFORM in which you can manage everything as your own store “Shopify”.

Atomy is revolutionizing the E-commerce of the future

The company has entered into a strategic technology partnership with MOFAC, a global visual effects (VFX) company with best-in-class technology with teams that have already been involved in Hollywood films such as Avatar, Interstella and Frozen, to prepare for a new future of the “UN-TACT” era. 

It is expected to create tremendous synergy as it is a meeting of world-class direct sales companies and world-class visual effects companies.

Atomy plans to combine XR (extended reality) as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality). 

Atomy will showcase with MOFAC the new normal of direct selling in the era of “UN-TACT contactless”. For his part, Lino Park, head of Atomy’s ENM business division, said, “Atomy is making its first attempt in the world to market the XR. Future direct sales will be a fun activity.” Another official said, “In particular, Atomy expects to break the boundaries of direct sales and establish itself as a leading company in the contactless era.”

Don't be a product of platforms

Create your own platform

Recommendation Platforms

TripAdvisor, Yelp, The Forks, etc. These platforms exist only because of you, through the reviews left by Internet users. You work for free while they passively collect billions.

You have consumed or used their services, you recommend them to your friends and family, and you don’t earn anything, but you have done all the work.

Do the same at Atomy, where you have the opportunity to earn money. Consuming, testing, recommending products, giving your opinion on the products you use, it can pay off. That’s what you do in everyday life without realizing it.

Entrepreneurship and selling on marketplaces

We all aspire to become entrepreneurs thanks to the solution offered by marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay or Shopify.

Maybe you’ve already tried it? In this universe, you feed everyone:

  • Pay a subscription to sell on their platform.
  • Pay a commission on sales made.
  • Pay Stripe, Paypal to use their payment service.
  • Pay Google and Facebook if you advertise.
We continue to enrich those who are already rich. They earn as soon as you register.

Dropshipping and influencers

The solution seems simple and is within everyone’s reach. You start because you know you won’t lose much.

You sell products that do not belong to you and that you do not know. 

To succeed, it requires an investment in time, knowledge of digital marketing: create a youtube channel, keep a blog and know how to sell. Having a good looking body helps a lot. It already eliminates a lot of people. I am one of them.

At Atomy, you only recommend products that you have actually used and that you are satisfied with.

"Our message is clear: try only the products you need and only if you are really satisfied, recommend them to other consumers".
Atomy France photo du président Park-han-gil
PARK Han Gill

Join Atomy UK and become a leader

The company takes care of everything: Delivery, Invoicing, Collection, Payment, Claims Management and Training.

Atomy offers a new solution

The platform offers a turnkey solution for entrepreneurs for FREE.

  • Global platform translated into all languages,
  • 24 distribution centers worldwide,
  • High quality product catalog,
  • In-house delivery and payment system,
  • Return system, 3 months warranty,
  • Training, free seminars.

In a few years,

  • A “TryonIt” application based on virtual reality (see video).
  • A personal E-commerce platform but also an integrated personal social networking platform.

Consume and Recommend

The platform offers basic products that you use on a daily basis. When we want to do business with Atomy, we first have to be an expert consumer, that is to say, we have to know and appreciate the products in order to recommend them to others. It’s an honest approach.

Every day we make recommendations, we give our opinions and our opinions are so valuable that there are companies that fight for them. So far I’m only talking about household consumption because Atomy’s business model is consumption driven.  

Clearly, using and recommending is within everyone’s reach.

Let's take it to the next level: Entrepreneurship

The recommendation companies mentioned above have made a lot of money because they have millions of members who do little things for them on a daily basis and are insignificant to the Internet users.

Let’s do the same thing: consume, recommend, create a community of loyal users. It’s not about selling, it’s about spreading the word and introducing the products and the concept.

At Atomy you can’t succeed alone, you have to succeed together.

Your Identifier is considered as your business, everything you have acquired is kept for life for three generations, that is to say, it can be passed on to your heirs.

No membership fees

No monthly fees

No investment

No specific degree required

No need to sell

Forwardable Global ID

Accumulate PV points

Become an exclusive worldwide distributor

What are the advantages of joining Atomy UK - Atomy Europe?

You can benefit from quality products at a very competitive price by shopping online anywhere in the world. Soon a catalog of more than ten thousand products will be at your disposal. But the most important thing is that the company gives 35% of its turnover to the members-distributors, that is to say 70% of its profits. It offers a generous compensation plan.

  • If you open a customer account with the status “Consumer”, you can get quality products at an affordable price, thus saving money. The platform offers you a money back guarantee or exchange within 3 months even if the product is used.
  • Your Customer ID is global, you can shop in 24 countries, and you can pass it on to your heirs over 3 generations. Your ID is your business.
  • You have the ability to change your status from “Consumer” to “Distributor” to earn PV value points that will turn into commission and build your career path from the ground up.
  • The platform offers a turnkey solution for professional members: Atomy Distributors and Franchisees of thousands of major brands (Atomy AZA Mall).
Atomy France partage ses bénéfices avec les consommateurs

70% of the profits are to be shared between the distributors in the form of commissions, and 30% for the company.

Atomy UK: General commission =44%.

Atomy UK: Master bonus =20%

Atomy UK: Opening of a training center= 6%

Atomy UK - Atomy Europe

As a consumer

As an MLM partner

Let's be the pioneer in Europe

How to make money with Atomy UK?

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