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Atomy is a Korean online business company that gives consumers the opportunity to build a professional career through its network marketing plan. Atomy is currently operating in 24 countries with a goal to become the world’s leading online supplier of basic necessities. Atomy continues to develop in other regions which are in the pre-launch phase, including Atomy Nigeria.

Founded in 2009 by Park Han-Gil in South Korea, the company is currently being pre-launched in several countries around the world: Global Atomy.

Atomy is growing at a rapid pace by implementing a consumer-oriented strategy that adheres to two key principles: Absolute quality at the best price by joining forces with an American company Kolmar founded in 1921 and KAERI, a Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute in South Korea established in 1959.

I invite you to watch the video presentation of the company Atomy below.

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Let’s build together the largest consumer network in your country. Many families will benefit from this system that will allow you to earn passive income for 3 generations.

Global Atomy: When will atomy open its branch?

These countries are in pre-launch. Atomy will choose the country where there are the most registered members first. Sign up, it’s no commitment, no risk. You will be among the first to benefit from this huge market in your country.

What is Atomy? What does it offer?

Atomy is a Network Marketing & MLM (Multi-level Marketing) platform that distributes daily necessity products: Health care, Beauty, Personal care, Living, Food. You can buy, recommend and share the products you like and earn money through Atomy’s marketing plan.

1. Atomy is an online sales company

The “Consumer” status allows you to simply buy products online from Atomy’s official websites. Your goal is not to earn passive income but to have high quality products at affordable prices.

Atomy’s philosophy is to provide absolute quality products that no one can match at affordable prices, this means making “Absolute Quality at the Best Price” products otherwise they will not be marketed.

2. Atomy is also a MLM

An MLM company where you are not required to pay a subscription fee, buy starter packs or products every month. The only condition to keep your account active is to buy one product per year, whatever the amount. Knowing that there are products for less than 3€, it won’t be an obstacle for the affiliates. Getting started with Atomy is absolutely risk-free.

Atomy's key partners

Atomy France distribution-hub

a- KOLMA. American company created in 1921

Kolmar Korea Co Ltd, a subsidiary of KOLMAR, is a South Korea-based company whose main business is the manufacture and distribution of cosmetic products. The company operates in three segments:

  • The cosmetics segment is primarily engaged in design manufacturing (ODM) and original equipment manufacturing
    original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of cosmetics,
  • The pharmaceutical segment develops and manufactures pharmaceutical products and quasi-drugs,
  • The food segment is involved in the production and sale of functional foods for health.
kolmar bnh

b- KAERI - Korean Research Center 1959


KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) is a Korean research institute for atomic energy in South Korea. It was established in 1959. KAERI’s mission is to study a wide range of uses of atomic energy. For example, KAERI developed the world’s first radioactive pharmaceutical, “Milican injection” to treat liver cancer. Now, KAERI is considered the government-funded NASA of South Korea.

c- KOLMAR BNH 1990: a joint venture between KAERI and KOLMAR Korea

Together, KAERI and Kolmar Korea established Kolmar BNH (Beauty and Health) in 1990, a company that has world-class R&D and cutting-edge technology (including nuclear, radiation and nanotechnology) sponsored by the South Korean government itself (so there are no private-sector research costs), and has patents at all levels of its production chain.


How to make money with Atomy's system?

Atomy offers several ways to earn money through its compensation system. Atomy reserves 35% of its sales or 70% of its profits to compensate qualified members.
To succeed in Atomy’s MLM system, you need to federate consumer members, create your own community: First Consume, then Recommend and create your group of loyal consumers. 

The Atomy compensation plan offers several sources of income.

  • Of the 100% profit, the company divides it into 2 parts:
    –> 30% for the company’s operating expenses,
    –> 70% paid to qualified members to generate income.
  • Of the 70% for payment to members:
    –> 44% is the general commission or daily bonus,
    –>20% to the master’s bonus,
    –>and the remaining 6% goes to training centers.

atomy compensation plan

Atomy's compensation plan: Sources of income

1. General commission: 44%.

General Commission: 44% of entire sales PV will be distributed between qualified members every week according to the rates. Individuals must first accumulate at least 10,000 PV in order to accumulate downline PVs.

The Atomy compensation plan works with a binary system, which means with 2 branches (2 legs). Atomy makes the difference by offering an infinite binary plan. Members must generate a volume of PV (Point Value) to earn commissions.

In MLM, each product has a point value (PV). At Atomy, there are two types of PVs:

  • Personal Point Value (PPV): Points generated by your personal purchases, it accumulates over a lifetime. These points are accumulated throughout the validity of your account and are used to determine your qualification.
  • Group Point Value (GPV): Points generated by purchases made by your legs (your team). These points lose their validity after a commission is paid. They are used to calculate your daily commissions.

Based on the total purchased volume and commission level received from the Company,

A distributor member needs a minimum 10,000 PPV to start accumulating GPV, and 300,000 PV for each of your legs before you can start earning commission.


  • Sales Representative : You will need to accumulate 10,000 PPV and 300k* GPV in each branch. This represents one cycle and you will be paid $20 for that cycle.
  • Agent: You will need to accumulate 300k PPV and 300k GPV in each branch. You will get $60 for this cycle.
  • Special Agent: You must have 700k PPV and 700k GPV in each branch. You will receive $150 per cycle.
  • Dealer: You will need to accumulate 1.5M* PPV and 1.5M GPV in each branch. The estimated commission is $300 per cycle.
  • Exclusive Distributor: You will need to accumulate 2.4M PPV and 2.4M GPV in each branch. You will earn $400 to $1200 for this cycle.

[ *k: thousand, *M: million ]

It’s possible to get several cycles in a month. Atomy’s compensation system limits your personal points to 2.4M. If you exceed this limit, you can allocate them to your group members. 

atomy general-Commission

The GVP, group point value, goes up from the bottom to the top when members below them place an order and earn PV and never the other way around, unless a member at the top voluntarily decides to allocate his points to members below him.

2. Masters' Bonus: 20%.

Masters’ Bonus: 20% of entire sales PV will be distributed according to mastership.

Mastership Bonus are another way to earn money in addition to general commissions.

There are 7 different levels of Mastership and they are determined by PPV and GPV. You can earn a Master bonus and gifts of up to one million dollars. These commissions are calculated from the 1st to the 15th or the 16th to the last day of the month.

3: Opening of a training center: 6%.

Under certain conditions, you can apply to open a training center and earn an additional 6% commission to finance the management of your center.

Global Atomy: Pre-launch

During the launch phase, you can’t buy products on the site or earn PV points yet, but be patient, it can happen very quickly. In the meantime, learn the concept and form your working group. When Atomy opens its branch in your country, you will be ready to collect commissions.

Atomy Nigeria

We are starting to build a team in Nigeria. Be the first to join this local team. Contact Evelyn NWODO.

There are about 50 countries in the process of pre-registration, how to stand out from the others? Atomy will not open all these branches at the same time, to decide, atomy will choose first the country where there are more registered members and leaders. So let’s make Atomy Nigeria the first branch in Africa. Join the Atomy Nigeria group. It is an opportunity to trade with the world without moving.


Global Atomy - Who is the next?

We are looking for leaders all over the world to develop the Atomy market. If you are serious and motivated, join us, we will train you. We have the best working tools (web sites, pdf, slides…), we are surrounded by experts. Be the pioneer in your country. Join The Global Atomy Movement!

global atomy - atomy nigeria
Evelyn NWODO

Global Atomy Nigeria

DUK Yeon Moon

Royal Master
Atomy Korea

leader atomy France
NAY Phodeth

Atomy France

Global Atomy: where and how to buy Atomy products?

In the first pre-launch phase, you cannot buy Atomy products in other branches and have them delivered to you. To get around this problem, you can make a group order through your leaders in other countries. This is what the French members did in the beginning.

Aomy Francophone :

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